How to Earn Robux through Affiliate Program?

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How to Earn Robux through Affiliate Program?

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One of the best parts of playing Roblox is that you can share your creation with others, even those who are not players of the game themselves. Roblox hack has devised a way for players to bring in more people into the game while allowing them to win some benefits in the form of robux. This is known as the Affiliate Program.

How Does the Affiliate Program Operate?

This is essentially a way to make more and more people interested in Roblox while facilitating existent players to earn some currency in the process. There are many people who have not yet heard about Roblox and the Affiliate Program seeks to expose others to it. In order to do this, the program allows you to generate a link of any Roblox page that you want others to see. This link can be shared easily over social media and will direct the person directly to the game or anything that you have linked.

Now if a person uses the link you have created and shared to visit Roblox and then creates an account, this means good news for you. If someone uses your link to sign up and get free robux or purchase tools in the future, you will get you a bonus of 5% of whatever was bought. This continues to happen every time robux is bought from that account.

How to Create an Affiliate Link?

The easiest way to share the link is to click on the social media button of the page that you want to share. If it doesn’t have a button, access the Trade section on the navigation bar located on the left of the screen and click on the promotions tab. The URL is then to be pasted into the Roblox URL box and the link will be automatically generated. You can copy this link and share it online.